OOSHA - AS44981 - Peering Information


OOSHA is a UK based ISP and datacentre operator that focuses on business connectivity and bespoke network solutions. OOSHA also provides hosted services, telephony, and offsite backup services.

Network Information

Any network is welcome to contact OOSHA via email to peering@as44981.net to discuss peering. Please include your ASN and peering point locations.

Peering Information

ASN 44981
Peering URL http://www.as44981.net
Peering Policy Open

Contact Information

Peering Contact peering@as44981.net
NOC Contact noc@as44981.net +44 1902 394604
PeeringDB http://www.peeringdb.com/view.php?asn=44981

Peering Policy

OOSHA has an open peering policy, however we require the following.

Public Peering Points

Oosha is present at the following public peering points.

Exchange Name ASN IPv4 IPv6 City, Country
LINX Juniper 44981 2001:7F8:4::AFB5:1 London, UK
AMS-IX 44981 2001:7F8:1::A504:4981:1 Amsterdam, Netherlands
DE-CIX 44981 2001:7F8::AFB5:0:1 Frankfurt, Germany

Private Peering Points

Oosha is present at the following private peering points.

Datacentre ASN City Country
Interxion LON1 44981 London UK
Midlands Technology Centre 44981 Wolverhampton UK
Chubb Buildings 44981 Wolverhampton UK